LOTTE E&M Provides Safety and Convenience

The problems of parking can be solved simply and effectively if the parking facilities introduced by LOTTE E&M which is at the forefront of cutting edge advanced technology is installed.

LOTTE E&M Parking System

Features of LOTTE E&M parking


Excellent durability which minimize noise and vibrations with the best design, materials and technology.


Perfect safety and convenience with the use of a dual control system which uses a computer.


Maximizes the underground and above ground space with lots of models.


Time reduction increases with selective and a reserved output program.

Maintenance & Repairs Solution

Safe operation and life time extension of facility offered by LOTTE.

2-Year Warranty

LOTTE E&M prouds to offer total confidence coverage, our exclusive Free 2-Year Warranty.

Consulting Services

Each project is unique. Every client is also unique. Our consulting architects and engineers' team will provide technically competent and asthetically solutions suitable for individual project with free of charge.

Call Center

Our Call Center is ready to answer your enquiry and book the appointment for you with the consulting team.

Fund Support

We are the automated parking leader, so it just makes sense to offer a business model that makes land developer - convenient. It's all Turnkey, which means we deliver everything you need to run your business, including Fund.

LOTTE Automated Parking


For medium and larger scale buildings and building exclusively used for parking

Independent steel tower / Internal building


Utilization of an underground area in a small to medium scale building

A composition of steps 2-6 is available


For small and medium scale buildings and building used exclusively for parking

A composition of steps 2-6 is available


For medium and large scale buildings and building exclusively used for parking

An available capacity of hundreds of vehicles with double arrays and an extended parallel installation


Utilization of underground area in buildings, parks and roads

An available capacity of up to a thousand vehicles with an extended parallel installation

LMT-WLT System