Status of Maintenance and Repair Solutions by LOTTE

Technological Competence

We are equipped with the experience and technological competence for diversified parking facilities for 20 years to maintain and repair any parking sites in Korea.


Manpower and Equipment

We are composed of specialized manpower skilled in maintening the parking facilities for a number of years. And diversified equipments are maintained.


After Sales Service in Mobilization

We arrive at the sites within the shortest time via a nation wide network.



The factory was established at the 6th export complex of incheon (1973)

The inconvenience of the customer can be minimized due to a quick solution because we have an ability to correspond to any damaging cases on the main part of parking facility.


Parking facility maintenance and repairs system

We think in terms of the viewpoint of the customer for the prevention of accidents and the life extension of the facility.


Safe operation of facility

Provides the reliablity to the customer through periodical checking for safe operation.


Life time extension of facility

Removes the defacts on the facilities in advance through the conntinuos periodical / adjustment and extends the lifetime of facility will connect operation.


High economy

Reduces the unnecessary costs through prior prevention of accidental disorder and reduces the changing cost of the facilities with life time extension.


We are full of endeavor in our approach for inducing advance technology (German: KRUPP, Japan: SHINMAYWA, Italy: INTER PARK) and providing the level of self maintenance needed to appreciate our technology. We maintain a diversified facility model installable in any circumstance (Acquired the No.1 certificate of type approval for all products of our company from Korean Ministry of Transportation)

The superiority of LOTTE E&M was approved by BBC Broadcasting and the Guinness book of UK.

The superiority of our parking facility comes from the use of diversified models, carrying out perfect operations, cutting edge technology and awareness of professional after service. The grade of the building will improve to a higher level with the installation of the cutting edge parking facility of LOTTE E&M.

Please contact POWER IQ Company Limited (Thailand); the Parking Business Division of LOTTE E&M, if you want the newest cutting edge parking facility.